Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I was really excited to work on this poster for the PSYCHIC LUNCH/PLAY PINBALL RECORDS SXSW showcase. Mostly because it's been a while since I've done a show poster, and punk flyers were the very first thing that I ever illustrated.

For bands like Delay, American Cheeseburger, Cars Can Be Blue, and Fashion Fashion and the Image Boys at punk houses and DIY venues in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio [i.e. SCREAMER HOUSE, THE TOWER, LEGION OF DOOM, NOW THATS CLASS, ETC].

Now I am going to go make some coffee and goat cheese w/ honey and strawberry toast [combo borrowed from fellow blogger/studio mate GANT PANTS] and watch and episode of Seinfeld.


  1. Nice one John. It reminds me of the punk posters/flyers/comics that Gary Panter used to do in the early 80s. I love it!

  2. John Malta, I have just discovered you the day after my birthday - what a lovely treat for me!

    The way you draw a nose is splendid.

  3. Thanks guys! And Gina I love Gary Panter and Raymond Pettibon's work tons!

  4. This flier reminds me. One time me and my friend Shane went out to Columbus to see the Black Lips with the Raconteurs (it was the other way around but I was more psyched on the former). Shane had shown me your stuff, maybe a zine he bought or something, and we were eating some White Castle and he's like "whoa, there's Johnny Rattail". I can't remember if he went and said hey or not though. I know I sat and ate fries. The end.